Planning a Life: Making the Most Out of High School for Students with Disabilities

Teenager plays tennis with other young women

If you have a child with a disability who is approaching the age of 14 to 21 this transition conference could be an important opportunity for you. 

Begin the transition planning process early and stay on schedule. Strategize now and prepare for a full productive life during and after high school. Two action-packed days are filled with information and resources that will support you to understand your role, rights and responsibilities in the transition planning process. Registration fees for this 2-day conference are $125 per person, or $175 per family or professional. FCSN’s Planning A Life conference is open to families of students with disabilities, educators and other professionals.

Planning A Life February 8 & 9, 2018
Registration is required
Location: Federation for Children with Special Needs The Schrafft Center 529 Main Street, Suite 1M3 Charlestown, MA 02129