Lowell FRC Helps Save the Holidays for Families

Lowell FRC Holiday Gifts

The NFI Family Resource Center of Greater Lowell was able to provide 25 families with gifts this past holiday season. They also hosted a very successful holiday party yesterday with 38 participants. Two bikes and a $100 market basket gift card was raffled off, as well as some smaller items.

This thank you/testimonial came from one party attendee:

“…we had lots of fun eating pizza and cookies, making the cute little penguin temperature thing, and my daughter winning the bike!!! She sure is one lucky kid! It was funny because the bike was the last bowl they picked from and she was like....  I’m not gonna win, I’m not gonna win… and then suddenly they called her name. The look on her face when they said it was legit priceless. She was in major shock and so, so, so happy. We had just come from Walmart where I had some time to kill so I let her ride the bikes there for a while... and then she wins a brand new bike 2 hours later. Plus the helmet.  Anyway....  I just wanted to thank you again for saving Christmas for me. I don’t know what I’d do without your help...   be on the lookout for a thank you card from us…”

Check out pictures of the gifts the families were able to choose from.