FRC Interview with WBUR 90.9

Radio booth

In an brief interview with Justin Cain of WBUR 90.9 Amy McCarthy, the leader of the Boston FRC, discussed efforts to aid Hurricane Maria refugees.  

Justin Cain: "After the storm hundreds of people came to Massachusetts, mostly from Puerto Rico. Twenty-two family resource centers in the state have connected them with schools, medical care, and hotel rooms. But there's a two and a half month federal limit on hotel stays for people effected by Hurricane Maria. The program director of Boston Family Resource Center, Amy McCarthy, says the big question now is 'where will people stay early next year?'"'

Amy McCarthy: "Even with families getting that support right now down the road in terms of long term planning for families that is continuing to be a bit of a struggle in the aftermath of this natural disaster. "

Justin Cain : "McCarthy says centers like hers are now helping storm evacuees apply for city housing and jobs."