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Race & Social Justice

A number of resources for parents, caregivers and professionals looking for help with starting a conversation around racial injustice and recent events in the news with their children or within their community.


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Parents & Caregivers

How to talk to your children about racism
What to Do (and Not Do) When Children Are Anxious
When children are chronically anxious, even the most well-meaning parents can fall into a negative cycle and, not wanting a child to suffer, actually exacerbate the youngster’s anxiety. It happens when parents, anticipating a child’s fears, try to protect her from them. Here are pointers for helping children escape the cycle of anxiety.
How to talk to your children about protests and racism
As cities and social media explode with anger over the killing of yet another black man at the hands of police, worried parents struggle with how to protect their children from seeing the worst of the violence while simultaneously explaining the ravages of racism.
Keep Talking to Your Kids About Race and Racism
If you’re not sure how to start a conversation with your child on race, this article could help.
Racism and Violence: How to Help Kids Handle the News
An article on supporting and communicating with children during these difficult times.
How Can I Stay Positive for My Kids When I’m So Overwhelmed?
Suggestions from a psychologist and parent for caretakers having trouble explaining recent events to their children.
Helping Children Cope With Frightening News
What parents can do to aid scared kids in processing grief and fear in a healthy way.
Understanding Childhood Trauma and Your Family
Find trauma informed resources for parents and caregivers.
Books and reading for children
Looking for Excellent “Diverse” Books for Children? Start Here!
26 children's books that cover the subject of racial injustice.
10 Children's Books About Racism And Activism To Help Parents Educate Their Kids
A number of children's book ideas for parents who want to talk to their children about racial injustice.
Black Lives Matter Instructional Library
Take a look at an online library of books on racial issues. Click on the cover of a book you would like to read in the presentation to be taken to that book.
Learning & Education
10 ways white families can teach their kids about race consciousness
As author and New York Times columnist Charles Blow writes, "We must acknowledge—with eyes and minds wide open—the world as it is if we want to change it." Read this article on how parents can bring up the topic of race with their children.
15 Classroom Resources for Discussing Racism, Policing, and Protest
Resources and information for teachers and childcare workers to educate children on race.
What is Systemic Racism?
A collection of videos on the subject of systemic racism.
Talking About Race - The National Museum of African American History and Culture
Talking about race, although hard, is necessary. Here are a few tools and guidance to empower your journey and inspire conversation.
Emmett. Kalief. Josiah. More Than Just Names
A young man shares a story about dealing with racial prejudice in his school and how it inspired him to learn more about social justice in the United States.
Standing Up in Public
A young woman shares her thoughts on recent events in the news and how many young people like her view the murder of George Floyd.
Additional Resources
Anti-racism Resources
This is a working document for scaffolding anti-racism resources. The goal is to facilitate growth for individuals to become allies, and eventually accomplices for anti-racist work. These resources have been ordered in an attempt to make them more accessible.
Toolkits and Resources from Black Lives Matter
A number of free resources for starting conversations on race in your community.
Race, Trauma, and Resilience Training in Child Welfare
This article from Children’s Voice (a publication from the Child Welfare League of America) discusses the importance of including the issue of race and its interconnection with trauma when developing trauma and resilience training in child welfare.
Suicide Prevention - (#729) Widening the Lens 101: Setting the Stage for Social Justice and Racial Equity in Suicide Prevention
In this webinar, we will examine the question why do racial equity and social justice work in the context of suicide prevention? What does this lens bring to the work and what new strategies and approaches to suicide prevention and mental health emerge?
Women of Color: Let's walk in our power by raising our voices for action!
Join this hearing designed to hold space for Women of Color to share experiences, strategies and successes with one another during COVID-19. 
Call to Action
Showing Up for Racial Justice
An avenue for being an ally and bearing witness is SURJ - Showing Up for Racial Justice.
The American Civil Liberties Union
Make a donation to the ACLU or take a look at their resources for fighting racial injustice in America.
Petition to Make Juneteenth a National Holiday
Sign the petition to make Juneteenth, also known as emancipation day - when slavery was ended in the United States - a national holiday.
Trans Youth Justice Project
The Trans Youth Justice Project is a leadership development program that aims to: increase the capacity and resilience of trans youth, develop youth leaders, and contribute to addressing social, educational, and health inequalities. Youth ages 16-22 who identify as "trans" in the broadest possible sense are encouraged to complete the short application. Youth are paid $20/hour to complete a 6-week curriculum conducted over Zoom, and can participate from anywhere. The project is co-led by a group of trans-identified researchers and community members. As part of the project evaluation, participants will be asked to complete pre- and post-surveys and a follow-up interview, for which they will also be paid $20. Spanish version.


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